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Top 10 chinese proverbs

1. Anger is a luxury one cannot afford.                                          
Chinese proverb

2. To rise high, conceal ambition.
Chinese proverb

3. Solitude is enjoyed only when one is at peace with oneself.
Chinese proverb

4. A clear conscience is the greatest armor.
Chinese proverb

5. Be slow to promise but quick to perform.
Chinese proverb

6. Good advice is like bitter medicine.
Chinese proverb

7. Diligence and constancy of purpose achieve the impossible.
Chinese proverb

8. Remember to dig the well long before you get thirsty.
Chinese proverb

9. The wise make their own decisions. The ignorant follow public opinion.
Chinese proverb

10. To chop a tree quickly, spend twice the time sharpening your ax.
Chinese proverb

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Top 10 chinese proverbs
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