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Tommy Newberry quotes page 2

Most disorganization tends to come from indecision, not being able to decide if a piece of
paper or some other information is important or not and if it is, what to do with it.
Tommy Newberry

Psychologists estimate that the average person thinks between 20,000 and 60,000 thoughts
per day. Every thought you think either moves you toward your goals and the person you
hope to become, or it moves you away. No thoughts are neutral. Every thought counts.
Tommy Newberry

Your job is to convince the subconscious mind that the condition you desire already exists.
Tommy Newberry

Become a member of the Magnificient Minority. Accept that you are totally responsible for
your success. Not the government, not your boss, not your parents, and not society. Only
Tommy Newberry

Success, and failure for that matter, are not accidents, but consequences. If you want to
know what you sowed in the past, look around you and see what you're reaping today.
Tommy Newberry

Vital Time Tactic #4
Handle everything once and only once
Single handling means once you start a priority task, stay with it until it's 100 percent
complete. Persevere without diversion or distraction. Don't pick up the same task, same piece
of paper, or even the same phone call twice. Pick it up, swarm all over it, take care of it,
then bring it to a close and go on to the next one.
Tommy Newberry

When you keep your thoughts fixed on God, the things of God will naturally permeate your
life, and thus your goals will be in line with his will and his kingdom.
Tommy Newberry

The antidote of a life of comfort and mediocrity is a life of character and courage.
Tommy Newberry

When individuals, via governmental interference, consume without producing, then others
must produce without consuming.
Tommy Newberry

All great leaders possess tremendous long-term clarity about what they're trying to
accomplish both in their careers and personally. And it's this long-term perspective that builds
character, wisdom, and self-discipline. Long-term thinking is the hallmark of high performance
living, yet it's often neglected in favor of the treadmill of hectic, urgent "activities of the
Tommy Newberry

If you don't have specific goals written down for your life, you are mentally malnourished.
Your mind was designed to be fed with goals just as your body was designed to be fed with
food and water.
Tommy Newberry

Everything you do or fail to do counts. Every action has a consequence even if it isn't
Tommy Newberry

A common tendency is to set an almost unreachable standard for success while
simultaneously creating a standard for failure that is easy to meet. As a result, you may
routinely feel a lot less successful than is necessary.
Tommy Newberry

Exceptional gratitude refers to acts of thankfulness unprompted by someone else's tragedy,
pain, or misfortune. Exceptional gratitude doesn't require something to be missing before it's
Tommy Newberry

Successful people have successful habits. Mediocre people have mediocre habits. And it all
starts with a choice.
Tommy Newberry

The inability to deal effectively with stress has been linked to cancer, asthma, headaches,
depression, cardio-vascular disease, common cold, ulcers, hypertension, chronic fatigue, and
immune system suppression, to name but a few.
Tommy Newberry

The mark of a fully mature, mentally healthy individual is the acceptance of complete
responsibility for one's life. When you accept total responsibility, you recognize that you are
the cause of all your choices, decisions, and actions.
Tommy Newberry

Nobody really wants to be mediocre or average. The seeds of greatness lie within us all. It is
only when we stop believing that a better life is possible that we begin to settle for less,
convincing ourselves that it just wasn't meant to be.
Tommy Newberry

Many people say things to themselves that they would never, ever say to a respected friend.
Be a respected friend to yourself. Be a nourishing friend to yourself.
Tommy Newberry

Choose the words of champions. Replace "I'll try to" with "I will." Replace "I didn't have time"
with "I chose not to make time for that." Replace "It's not my fault" with "I accept
responsibility." Replace "You make me upset" with "I feel upset when..." You always have the
coice. You can be a helpless victim or you can be a powerful and impactful human being.
Tommy Newberry

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