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Gay Hendricks quotes

born 1945, American writer, author of "The Big Leap"

One thing I've noticed from working with really successful people is they kind of reach
out for learning, to say, "What can I learn next that will make me a better person? What can
I learn next that will contribute more to my relationships?"
Gay Hendricks

The Upper Limit is our tendency to sabotage ourselves by when we move up to a higher level
in life where things are going well - we are happier, we're making more money, we're feeling
more love - we will often do something to mess up and bring ourselves back down to a lower
level of positive energy. That's what I call the Upper Limit Problem because all of us have it in
there to a certain extent and what we need to do is move ourselves through that Upper Limit
so that we can live in that Zone of Genius.
Gay Hendricks

Life is at its best when love, money, and creativity are growing in harmony.
Gay Hendricks

People dancing the painful Blame 'n Shame Shuffle feel wronged, weak, and disconnected.
Take a wild new leap into empowerment by taking 100% responsibility.
Gay Hendricks

Once you make a commitment to inhabiting your full potential, your ego is suddenly faced
with extinction. It's been making excuses for you throughout your life... unless you're lucky,
your ego will probably not go quietly. It has a lifetime of employment history begind it.
Gay Hendricks

If you are human, you have a calling: to live your genius.
Gay Hendricks

Commitment gets you started and propels you through the early stages of any game, but it's
recommitment that ignites your reserves when you feel like you're going to give up.
Gay Hendricks

If you matter, be honest with yourself. If your relationship matters, be honest with your
partner. We have never seen dishonesty lead to happiness and intimacy.
Gay Hendricks

Where do I feel out of integrity with myself?
What is keeping me from feeling complete and whole?
What important feelings am I not letting into my awareness?
Where in my life am I not telling the full truth?
Where in my life have I not kept my promises?
In my relationship with ______, what do I need to say or do to feel complete and whole?
Questions such as these will lift you out of the limiting story that you've been living in.
Gay Hendricks

Worrying is usually a sign that we're Upper-Limiting. It is usually not a sign that we're thinking
about something useful. The crucial sign that we're worrying unnecessarily is when we're
worrying about something we have no control over.
Gay Hendricks

Criticism and blame are addictions. They are costly adictions, because they are the
number-one destroyer of intimacy in close relationships.
Gay Hendricks

The pattern was simple: enjoy a period of feeling really good; then do something to mess it
up. I also realized that the same pattern had a grip on the world at large. As humans, we
would enjoy a period of peace, then plunge into war; we'd create a time of economic
expansion, then go into recession or depression.
Gay Hendricks

Much of the energy in troubled relationships is drained through power struggles about who's
right, who's wrong, and who's the biggest victim. Relationships - healthy ones, that is - exist
only between equals.
Gay Hendricks

Don't ignore intuitive tickles lest they reappear as sledgehammers.
Gay Hendricks

One of the most rampant addictions we've found is the belief that life has to be hard. We
suggest you go cold turkey on that one and give ease a test drive.
Gay Hendricks

Most people think they will finally feel good when they have more money, better relationships,
and more creativity... What a powerful moment it is, though, when we finally see that we
have it the wrong way around. All of us can find and nurture the capacity for positive feelings
now, rather than waiting until some longed-for event occurs.
Gay Hendricks

We do not know the entire meaning of life. But we are very sure it is not to have a bad time.
Gay Hendricks

There's no such thing as a minor lapse of awareness. You're either present with what is - 
right here, right now - or you're someplace else.
Gay Hendricks

We deserve to experience wave after wave of greater love, creative energy, and financial
abundance, without the compulsion to sabotage ourselves.
Gay Hendricks

Worry is definitely an addiction. In fact, worrying is like playing a slot machine in a gambling
casino. Occasionally the worrier will hit the jackpot and be rewarded for something that
actually happens. If you worry long enough about the stock market crashing, you'll eventually
hit the jackpot, because from time to time it's always going to crash.
Gay Hendricks

What is my genius?
How can I bring forth my genius in ways that serve others and myself at the same time?
Those who have the courage to discover and bring forth their genius break through to
unparalleled heights of productivity and life satisafction.
Gay Hendricks

You can tell more about a person's true spirituality from the way he or she treats his or her
partner than you ever could from tallying that person's church attendance.
Gay Hendricks

The best attitude to take toward back talk is to reach out and embrace it with love,
compassion, and understanding. No need to criticize it for its shortcomings or to waste time
in recriminations. Just give a loving nod and a hug to any back talk you get, and move on to
the joyful creation of your fulfilled life.
Gay Hendricks