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Born January 5, 1944; Brian Tracy is a world renowned motivational speaker who was born in Charlottetown, Canada in 1944. However, in 2003, he ran for governor in the California gubernatorial recall election of California that would eventually see Arnold Schwarzenegger launch his political career. He is currently a member of the Heritage Foundation, serving on their board of trustees. At the moment, Tracy has 25 different books to his name, with his first one published in 1995. Tracy's version of self-help often crosses paths with sales. He presides over two different companies and has consulted well over 500 major corporations across North and Central America, Asia and Europe. His consultations cover corporate strategy, creativity, marketing, organizational development and sales. Aside from his books and consultations, Tracy keeps an active speaking schedule. Over the years, he has spoken in front of hundreds of thousands throughout the US, Canada and 55 other countries worldwide. He focuses on high achievement, goals, leadership, time management, motivation and the psychology of success. One of the companies he runs, the Institute for Executive Development handles human resources. Prior to that, Tracy was the COO of a development company that had more than $265 million in assets and saw more than $75 million in sales a year. Tracy can speak four different languages and still continues as a voracious reader of all things regarding metaphysics, economics, psychology, management and history. He continues to write his own works focused on personal success, sales and accomplishment and maintains his speaking engagements all over the globe.

If what you are doing is not moving you towards your goals, then it's moving you away
from your goals.
Brian Tracy

Your life only gets better when you get better.
Brian Tracy

The biggest mistake we could ever make in our lives is to think we work for anybody but
Brian Tracy

To earn more, you must learn more.
Brian Tracy

All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could
be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that
goal or purpose.
Brian Tracy

An average person with average talent, ambition and education can outstrip the most brilliant
genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals.
Brian Tracy

Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood of your achieving them by one
thousand percent.
Brian Tracy

I've found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances, be more
active, show up more often.
Brian Tracy

The future belongs to the competent. It belongs to those who are very, very good at what
they do. It does not belong to the well-meaning.
Brian Tracy

Do the things you fear, then the death of fear is certain.
Brian Tracy

Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to about one book per week, 
fifty books per year, and will guarantee your success.
Brian Tracy

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are
always asking, "What's in it for me?"
Brian Tracy

Sometimes people ask me why am I so productive, how is it that I can write four books a year,
give a 100 talks, run three businesses and do so much stuff. Volunteering for nature, travelling
all over the world... Well, the answer is my organization system. And it's interesting, they
interviewed 50 presidents of fast-growing companies in Ink Magazine. And they asked them,
"What time management system do you use?" And you know, 49 of the 50 used a yellow pad
where they write down everything before they start. So, what about a blackberry? What about
a time management system? And what about..? No. They just take a sheet of paper and they
write down everything they have to do the night before and they work from their list all day
long. And you know, that's what I've been doing all my life. It's the most powerful time
management tool of all. It's clear, it's visible, it's right there, you add new things onto it, you
take them off as you accomplish them, you roll forward the things you didn't complete to the
next day. The most amazing time management system of all is a piece of paper, a pen, and
you, every single day.
Brian Tracy

Think continally about what you want, not about the things you fear.
Brian Tracy

Resolve to pay any price or make any sacrifice to get into the top ten percent of your field.
That payoff is incredible.
Brian Tracy

Think before you act and then act decisively. Fortune favors the brave.
Brian Tracy

The happiest people in the world are those who feel absolutely terrific about themselves, and
this is the natural outgrowth of accepting total responsibility for every part of their life.
Brian Tracy

The most successful people are long-term thinkers. They look deep into the future as far as
they can to determine the kind of people they want to become and the goals they want to
achieve. Then they come back to the present and determine the things that they will have to
do - or not to do - to achieve their desired futures... Successful people make sure that
everything they do in the short term is consistent with where they want to end up in the long
Brian Tracy

You are where you are and what you are because of yourself, because of your own choices
and decisions.
Brian Tracy

Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organize your entire life around it.
Brian Tracy

The essence of a successful business is really quite simple. It is your ability to offer a product
or service that people will pay for at a price sufficiently above your costs, ideally three or four
or five times your cost, thereby giving you a profit that enables you to buy and to offer more
products and services.
Brian Tracy

If you swing hard enough and often enough you must eventually hit a home run.
Brian Tracy

The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the
more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire.
Brian Tracy

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.
Brian Tracy

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored,
a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.
Brian Tracy

It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.
Brian Tracy

Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the
Brian Tracy

Successful people make a HABIT of doing the things unsuccessful people don't like to do.
Brian Tracy

The only real antidote for anger or worry is purposeful action in the direction of your goals.
Brian Tracy

There is nothing that will make you angrier than to see someone who seems to be dumber
than you doing better than you. How can this be? The answer is simple: At a certain point in
their lives, they realized that the key to success was personal and professional growth. It was
a dedication to lifelong learning. The good news is that almost every important skill is
learnable. Every business skill is learnable. Everyone who is proficient in any area of business
was at one time completely ignorant in that area.
Brian Tracy

Goals must be in writing. You must write them down, you must rewrite them, you must define
them, you must redefine them. The top one percent of successful people in every area have
very clear, specific, written goals. And most carry their goals around with them.
Brian Tracy

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