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Youth quotes page 3

The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind, whether they be
deliberately chosen or automatically expressed. At the bidding of unlawful thoughts the body
sinks rapidly into disease and decay; at the command of glad and beautiful thoughts it
becomes clothed with youthfulness and beauty.
James Allen

Youth and age will not agree.
English proverb

Young men are apt to think themselves wise enough, as drunken men are apt to think
themselves sober enough.
Lord Chesterfield

Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.
Herbert Hoover

Young men wish; love, money and health. One day, they'll say; health, money and love.
Paul Geraldy

The deepest definition of youth is life as yet untouched by tragedy.
Alfred North Whitehead

Youth doesn't reason, it acts. The old man reasons and would like to make the others act in
his place.
Francis Picabia

Young people don't always do what they're told, but if they can pull it off and do something
wonderful, sometimes they escape punishment.
Rick Riordan

Ask the young. They know everything.
Joseph Joubert

To be young is all there is in the world. They talk so beautifully about work and having a
family and a home (and I do, too, sometimes) - but it's all worry and head-aches and
respectable poverty and forced gushing. Telling people how nice it is, when, in reality, you
would give all of your last thirty years for one of your first thirty. Old people are tremendous
Wallace Stevens

The passions of the young are vices in the old.
Joseph Joubert

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to
see beauty never grows old.
Franz Kafka

Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief.
Nicholas Sparks

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