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Tommy Newberry quotes page 1

New York Times bestselling author of "Success is Not an Accident" and "The 4:8 Principle"

Dwelling on your problems doesn't fix them; it just makes you an expert at them.
Tommy Newberry

You must believe in your success to the point that you prepare for it even when there is no
outward evidence to suggest it is plausible.
Tommy Newberry

If you live your life like most people do, you will get what most people get. You will settle for
what most people settle for. Here's a taste of "most people." Forty-nine percent of marriages
now end in divorce. Eighty percent of people working today would rather be in another line of
work. More than fifty percent of Americans are overweight. One out of three will get cancer
while two out of five will suffer from heart disease. More than sixty percent of Americans,
living in the richest, most abundant civilization in history, will retire with little or no savings,
dependent on so-called "entitlements" for survival. If you want to lead an extraordinary life,
find out what the ordinary do and don't do it. That is a simple but true formula. Remember, no
one plans to become mediocre. Mediocrity is the result of no plan at all.
Tommy Newberry

We've been given the power to have what we visualize, but we tend to visualize what we
already have.
Tommy Newberry

All lasting change is preceded by changed thinking. Any other type of change will only be
Tommy Newberry

High achievers are motivated by pleasurable outcomes. Underachievers are motivated by
pleasurable methods.
Tommy Newberry

Self-discipline is the the ability to funnel our desires and passions in a productive direction,
for a sustained period of time in order to achieve our goals. It is the connective tissue that
links ambition with achievement.
Tommy Newberry

Do what you love and you'll stop being your own worst enemy.
Tommy Newberry

Most people spend more time planning their summer vacations and their wedings than they do
planning their lives and their marriages. Most people major in minor things.
Tommy Newberry

The world can be divided into feelers and doers. Feelers take action and initiative only when
they feel like doing so. In other words, they feel their way into acting. If they don't feel like
doing something that will advance their goals, they won't do it. If a feeler feels like
exercising, he will. If he doesn't feel like exercising, he won't. If a feeler feels like watching
television, he will... He is a prisoner of the desire for instant gratification, and naturally will
suffer the long-term consequences of this short-term perspective... Doers, on the other
hand, act their way into feeling. After determining what needs to be done, doers take action.
They just do it. If they don't feel like taking action, they consider that emotion to be a
distraction and take action in spite of it. They refuse to let their desire for short-term
comfort divert them form their long-term goal.
Tommy Newberry

Most of us go through life borrowing someone else's definition of success rather than coming
up with our own!
Tommy Newberry

Commit to making your home and office an excuse-free zone. If a situation arises that
previously called for an excuse, substitute the words, "I am responsible," where the excuse
used to go.
Tommy Newberry

Procrastination, which is the delaying of higher priority tasks in favor of lower priority ones, is
more responsible for frustration, stress, and under-achievement than any other single factor.
Tommy Newberry

Goal setting is the master skill of all lifelong success, yet it is practiced by less than 3
percent of the population.
Tommy Newberry

As we begin to change, our world changes with us. As we become better, our lives become
better. Changing circumstances requires that you first change yourself. To have it any other
way is to have the cart before the horse.
Tommy Newberry

Your habitual thinking patterns either encourage you toward excellence or nudge you into
Tommy Newberry

Rapid-Fire Time Saver #14
Avoid the herd. Do things when nobody else does them. Check out of your hotel when other
people aren't. Dine out before crowds arrive. Schedule flights for non-peak hours. Drive during
non-peak hours also.
Tommy Newberry

Your thoughts are causes and your circumstances are effects.
Tommy Newberry

Success in life comes from one thing: deciding exactly what you want to accomplish and then
deliberately choosing to invest the minutes and hours of your life doing only those things that
move you in the direction of your goals. It's simple.
Tommy Newberry

You can be sure that investing the time and brain power to set meaningful goals in each area
of your life will produce internal, permanent motivation.
Tommy Newberry

If you are committed, you can select your thoughts and thereby shape your life here on
earth into something spectacular. The alternative is to give up this freedom and live a life of
mediocrity dominated by uncertainty and suspense.
Tommy Newberry

No area of your life is untouched by your thoughts.
Tommy Newberry

Watch out for media programming, the constant suggestive influence from radio, television,
newspaper, magazines, and billboards. It's estimated that the average American is exposed to
more than 1,500 advertising messages each day. If you think like the masses think, you'll get
what the masses get.
Tommy Newberry

When you try to get something for nothing, you become nothing.
Tommy Newberry

Often, thirst is mistaken for hunger and an unnecessary intake of calories is the result. When
you feel hungry, but shouldn't be, first try drinking several cold glasses of water rapidly then
waiting ten minutes or so, and often the food craving will pass.
Tommy Newberry

Character is built by adversity, but strong character is not the inevitable result of adversity.
It all depends on how we choose to respond to the circumstances of life. Setbacks and
struggles can shape us into something exceptional or something entirely unremarkable. It's
how we respond to the difficulty and what we learn from it that upgrades our character.
Tommy Newberry

Adapt an extended, long-term perspective. You excel in life to the extent that you apply a
long-term perspective in making your most important decisions.
Tommy Newberry

Most people have difficulty climbing out of the holes in their lives simply because they focus
more on the hole (which represents their current circumstance), than on where they want to
climb (which is the goal or solution).
Tommy Newberry

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