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Susan Jeffers quotes page 2

It is important to surround ourselves with giving, loving and nurturing people. This implies the
flip side of the coin: You must become what you want to attract. Be the kind of person you
would want to surround yourself with.
Susan Jeffers

Positive thinking is one of the most difficult of all concepts to get across to people. When I
present my ideas on positive thinking in my workshops and classes, many of my students
respond immediately with "Oh, that's not realistic!" ... it is reported that over 90% of what
we worry about never happens. That means that our negative worries have less than a 10%
chance of being correct. If this is so, isn't being positive more realistic than being negative?
Susan Jeffers

One day a light bulb went on in my head as I suddenly realized the following "truth": As long
as I continued to push out into the world, as long as I continued to strech my capabilities, as
long as I continued to take new risks in making my dreams come true, I was going to
experience fear. What a revelation!
Susan Jeffers

Taking responsibility means not blaming yourself. Anything that takes away your power or
your pleasure makes you a victim. Dont make yourself a victim of yourself!
Susan Jeffers

If everybody feels fear when approaching something totally new in life, yet so many are out
there "doing it" despite their fear, then we must conclude that fear is not the problem.
Susan Jeffers

When you make something happen, not only does the fear of the situation go away, but also
you get a hig bonus: you do a lot toward building your self-confidence.
Susan Jeffers

If you knew you could handle anything that came your way, what would you possibly have to
Susan Jeffers

All you have to do to diminish your fear is to develop more trust in your ability to handle
whatever comes your way!
Susan Jeffers

Genuine giving is not only altruistic; it also makes us feel better.
Susan Jeffers

People who refuse to take risks live with a feeling of dread that is far more severe than what
they would feel if they took the risks necessary to make them less helpless - only they don't
know it!
Susan Jeffers

To love is to be able to give. And now is the time to begin.
Susan Jeffers

In saying "yes" lies the antidote to our fear. The phrase "say yes" means "to agree to" those
things life hands us. Saying YES means letting go of resistance and letting in the possibilities
that our universe offers in new ways of seeing the world. It means to relax bodily, and calmly
survey the situation, thereby reducing upset and anxiety.
Susan Jeffers

We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.
Susan Jeffers

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