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Robert Kiyosaki quotes page 4

Prior to 1971 (in 1971 President Nixon ended the gold standard), the old rules were: Go to 
school. Get a safe, secure job. The second was: Work hard to earn more money. Three: Save
money. Four: Buy a house. Five: Get out of debt. Six: Invest for the longterm. In most
people's cases, they invest in mutual funds. And seven: Diversify.
Robert Kiyosaki

A new rule is, after 1971 and 1974, we all need more financial education and invest our
greatest asset, our minds, or increase our financial IQ.
Robert Kiyosaki

The most important thing you can tell your friends is, "Get off your butt and start your own
business. Even if it's at home. Even if it's on your dining room table." Kim and I, my wife,
started Rich Dad Poor Dad on our kitchen table.
Robert Kiyosaki

The people that run the country are Goldman Sachs. And the guys that run Goldman Sachs...
is run by the international banking cartels of the world.
Robert Kiyosaki

So, the third new rule of money, I think the big mistake is: I hear so many people say it's
important to save. That's ridiculous! And the reason that's ridiculous is because what
happened in 1971 is crucial. In 1971 the US dollar stopped being money. In 1971 the US dollar
became a currency. And what that meant is, Richard Nixon, in 1971 the President, took us off
the gold standard... It's like giving somebody who can't control their spending unlimited credit
cards... So what's happening is, all the savers today are losers. You know, the problem with
1971 is that the federal government keeps printing money so the value of your money keeps
going down... So today I am not saving money - I am hedging. In 1997 I started investing in
oil, gold and silver. So as the dollar dropped, oil, gold and silver went up. So, I am not betting
so much on oil, gold and silver; I am betting against the US dollar. And that's why this idea
that you're gonna tell people, "You need to save money" - that's really, really an obsolete
Robert Kiyosaki

First of all, The US Federal Reserve Bank is not US. It is made up of a bunch of international,
rich guys from all over the world. The second thing, it is not federal. It's not a US entity...
Third, it has no reserves. There is nothing there. And fourth, it's not a bank. So that's why
when I talk to people who need to really understand the new rules of money, which really
began to take effect in 1971 when we were allowed to print money for the rest of the world,
is understanding that this here is causing the rich to get richer and the poor and the middle
class to get poor, but more importantly, the lower middle class is almost getting wiped out...
And the reason the troubles have started, again, is the US Federal Reserve Bank is not US,
it's not federal, there's no reserve and it's not a bank. So if you understand that, then you
can start to hedge your position rather than save money.
Robert Kiyosaki

The problem is - money is not taught in school. And so what we do is follow in our parent's
footsteps when we do different jobs. We often follow in the same financial patterns.
Robert Kiyosaki

This is one of the biggest middle-class traps: "My banker says my house is an asset."
Robert Kiyosaki

You take a look at this 40-year-run on the dollar - the dollar is designed economically to lose
money every single year. So why would you save something that loses money every year?
Robert Kiyosaki

The number 1 asset a person can build, is build a business. It's the smartest thing you can do.
Robert Kiyosaki

There's four things that make the most, 90% of the people, poor: Number 1 is taxes. Two is
debt - college loans, house loans, car payments, credit cards. Three is inflation... And the
fourth thing that makes people poor is their retirement plan.
Robert Kiyosaki

Get off your butt! You have to get smart, you have to look for teachers. I mean, that's pretty
obvious -you want to be a mechanic, you go hang out with mechanics. You want to be a
school teacher, hang out with school teachers. It's really simple. And it takes discipline,
determination, drive, correction. You can't quit.
Robert Kiyosaki

I found out that the secret to success is not hard work or luck; I found a new way of thinking
that works for me.
Robert Kiyosaki

Roosevelt asked the American public to turn in their gold in 1933, for which they were paid
$20.22 per ounce in paper money. He then raised the price of gold to $35 an ounce. In other
words, for every $20.22 in gold that was turned in, the public was cheated out of about
$15... If anyone was caught holding gold coins, the punishment was a $10,000 fine and ten
years in jail. One reason for doing this was to get the public used to paper money as the sole
currency of the world.
Robert Kiyosaki

Be glad when things are difficult because difficulty is the dividing line between winners and
losers. Think of difficulty and struggle as the training ground of champions.
Robert Kiyosaki

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