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Proverbs from various countries page 5

Manana is often the busiest day of the week.
Spanish proverb

It's not good for anyone to be alone.
Cheyenne proverb

Return property to its owner and your sleep will be peaceful.
Guatemalan proverb

Shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half-sorrow.
Swedish proverb

Never help a person who doesn't help anybody else.
Hopi proverb

A people without a history is like the wind over buffalo grass.
Sioux proverb

I would rather be deceived by an intelligent person than by a jackass.
Haitian proverb

Life is both giving and receiving.
Mohawk proverb

Don't take every ill to the doctor, or every quarrel to the lawyer, or every thirst to the
Uruguayan proverb

He who tells the truth doesn't sin, but he causes many inconveniences.
Cuban proverb

He who eats the sweets of life should be able to bear the bitters of it.
Lebanese proverb

People get the government they deserve.
Italian proverb

Clean hands offend no one.
Colombian proverb

He who knows himself as well as his opponent will be invincible.
Korean proverb

Beware of women with beards and men without beards.
Basque proverb

He who doesn't look ahead gets left behind.
Venezuelan proverb

He needs a long candle who awaits the death of another.
Finnish proverb

Drops of water eat up stones.
Greek proverb

Everyone finds his superior once in a lifetime.
Norwegian proverb

Honeyed speech often conceals poison and gall.
Danish proverb

What satifies the pig also fattens him.
Serbo-Croatian proverb

The first stage of fury is madness, the end of it is repentance.
Lebanese proverb

The woman who giggles much wants to be caressed.
Philippine proverb

A lazy beauty is fit only for the dunghill.
Hawaiian proverb

The more a plough is used the brighter it becomes.
Slovenian proverb

Many men are wise but few are good friends.
Greek proverb

A man who lets his problems get the better of him is like a man who divorces his wife
the first time she makes him angry.
Malagasy proverb

An open safe will tempt even a bishop.
Slovenian proverb

Only a doctor can kill you without punishment.
Hungarian proverb

A diligent mother, a lazy daughter.
Portugese proverb

The flatterer's throat is an open sepulchre.
Italian proverb

Every thing forbidden is sweet.
Egyptian proverb

Step by step one goes to Rome.
Italian proverb

The generous and bold have the best lives.
Norwegian proverb

Matrimony and macaroni - if they are not hot, they are not good.
Italian proverb

The mouse that knows but one hole is soon caught by the cat.
Spanish proverb

The saddle is a burden to the bad horse.
Serbo-Croatian proverb

Full stomach, full happiness.
Lebanese proverb

Beauty will fade, but not goodness.
Philippine proverb

When it is proper, then do it.
Indian proverb

He who digs a pit for another should take his own measures.
Estonian proverb

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