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Prejudice quotes page 2

The catastrophe of the atomic bombs which shook men out of cities and businesses and
economic relations, shook them also out of their old-established habits of thought, and out of
the lightly held beliefs and prejudices that came down to them from the past.
H. G. Wells

Prejudice is a product of ignorance that hides behind barriers of tradition.
Jasper Fforde

Do you know what we call opinion in the absence of evidence? We call it prejudice.
Michael Crichton

Prejudices are the chains forged by ignorance to keep men apart.
Countess of Blessington

If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and
color, we would find some other causes for prejudice by noon.
George Aiken

Someone has said that it requires less mental effort to condemn than to think.
Emma Goldman

Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has
never been loosened or fertilised by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among
Charlotte Bronte

Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices - just
recognize them.
Edward Roscoe Murrow

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