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It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and
there is strength.
Maya Angelou

Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers.
Mahatma Gandhi

Parents are not interested in justice, they're interested in peace and quiet.
Bill Cosby

To understand your parents' love you must raise children yourself.
Chinese proverb

If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent.
Bette Davis

It is a wise father that knows his own child.
William Shakespeare, The Merchant Of Venice

Your son is your son until he marries but your daughter is your daughter until you die.
Irish proverb

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them;
for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.

Listen to the desires of your children. Encourage them and then give them the autonomy to
make their own decision.
Denis Waitley

The more boring a child is, the more the parents, when showing off the child, receive
adulation for being good parents because they have a tame child-creature in their house.
Frank Zappa

I would say that compassion for our parents is the true sign of maturity.
Anais Nin

If your parents pandered to your every need, chances are you'll do the same with your kids.
Dare to break the pattern.
Peter A. Cohen

Parents are the bones on which children cut their teeth.
Sir Peter Ustinov

Selective ignorance, a cornerstone of child rearing. You don't put kids under surveillance: it
might frighten you. Parents should sit tall in the saddle and look upon their troops with a noble
and benevolent and extremely nearsighted gaze.
Garrison Keillor

Start your child's day with love and encouragement and end the day the same way.
Zig Ziglar

There is no greater leadership challenge than parenting.
Jim Rohn

I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when
they're gone from your life.
Maya Angelou

Any kid who has two parents who are interested in him and has a houseful of books isn't poor.
Sam Levenson

There are no bad little kids; there are only bad parents. It isn't the kid's fault he is running
around the restaurant screaming like a banshee; it's the parents' fault.
Larry Winget

My heroes are and were my parents. I can't see having anyone else as my heroes.
Michael Jordan

Parents can tell but never teach, unless they practice what they preach.
Arnold H. Glasow

One thing about parents is that no matter what stage your child is in, the parents who have
older children always tell you the next stage is worse.
Dave Barry

If the kids wake you up in the morning you don't have your shit together.
Grant Cardone

Help your kids grow and flourish in a garden of their own choice, not yours. When that
happens, both you and they have succeeded.
Og Mandino

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right path, the the final forming of a
person's character lies in their own hands.
Anne Frank

Experts say you should never hit your children in anger. When is a good time? When you're
feeling festive?
Roseanne Barr

Recommend to your children virtues, that alone can make them happy, not gold.
Ludwig von Beethoven

Children aren't happy with nothing to ignore,
and that's what parents are created for.
Ogden Nash

The best way to influence your kids is to walk the talk... Don't preach the beauty of books
and learning and then head into your family room to watch three hours of MTV.
Robin Sharma

The beauty of spacing children many years apart lies in the fact that parents have time to
learn the mistakes that were made with the older ones; which permits them to make exactly
the opposite mistakes with the younger ones.
Sydney J. Harris

The one thing children wear out faster than shoes is parents.
John J. Plomp

Perhaps parents would enjoy their children more if they stopped to realize that the film
of childhood can never be run through for a second showing.
Evelyn Nown

The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without
Frank A. Clark

Lucky parents who have fine children usually have lucky children who have fine parents.
James A. Brewer

A slavish bond to parents cramps every faculty of the mind.
Mary Wollstonecraft

A school system without parents at its foundation is just like a bucket with a hole in it.
Reverend Jesse L. Jackson

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