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Nature quotes page 3

If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass
grow and the squirrel's heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side
of silence. As it is, the best of us walk about well wadded with stupidity.
George Eliot

The repetition in nature may not be a mere recurrence. It may be a theatrical "encore."
G. K. Chesterton

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.
Doug Larson

I have seen the sea when it is stormy and wild; when it is quite and serene; when it is dark
and moody. And in all moods, I see myself.
Martin Buxbaum

I don't ask for the meaning of the song of a bird or the rising of the sun on a misty morning.
There they are, and they are beautiful.
Pete Hamill

Everybody wants to go back to nature, but not on foot.
Werner Mitsch

There is nothing like a walking to get the feel of a country. A fine landscape is like a piece of
music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast.
Paul Scott Mowrer

The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty.
The activist is the man who cleans up the river.
Ross Perot

If we do not permit the earth to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food
Joseph Wood Krutch

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to safe the environment.
Ansel Adams

You can tell all you need to about a society from how it treats animals and beaches.
Frank DeFord

A man's heart away from nature becomes hard; lack of respect for growing, living things
soon leads to a lack of respect for humans too.
Luther Standing Bear

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields
has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand,
rejoice, for your soul is alive.
Eleonora Duse

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.
John Muir

Let us a little permit nature to take her own way; she better understands her own affairs
than we.

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that
he can outwit nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.
E. B. White

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land
as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.
Aldo Leopold

He who plants a tree plants a hope.
Lucy Larcom

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine
flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you, and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop off like falling leaves.
John Muir

Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful
words in the English language.
Henry James

I've always regarded nature as the clothing of God.
Alan Hovhannes

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance.
Bern Williams

I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things
Willa Cather

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and
medicine to the soul.
Luther Burbank

The Pyramids will not last a moment compared with the daisy.
D. H. Lawrence

Civilization no longer needs to open up wilderness; it needs wilderness to open up the still
largely unexplored human mind.
David Rains Wallace

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