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Michael Losier quotes

Canadian author and Law of Attraction coach

The definition for Law of Attraction, it's quite simple, it states: I attract to my life whatever
I give my attention, energy or focus to.
Michael Losier

And sometimes we use words like coincidence, or serendipity, or synchronicity, or fate,
karma, everything fell out of the blue - you see, every time you use any of those
expressions, in that very moment, you just experienced the Law of Attraction.
Michael Losier

Having a strong desire with strong doubt means your desire will not be manifested. Having a
strong desire with just a little bit of doubt means your desire will come, though slowly. Having
a strong desire with no doubt means your desire will be manifested quickly.
Michael Losier

We attract into our lives whatever we give our attention, energy, and focus, whether
positive or negative.
Michael Losier

The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration you are sending by giving you more of
it, whether it's positive or negative. It simply responds to your vibration.
Michael Losier

Right now and right now and right now and right now everybody has a mood or a feeling.
Even if you don't even know that you have it, right now you all have a mood or feeling, and
that mood or feeling is causing you to send off, or put out a vibration. And how many kinds
are there? Two. And they're negative vibrations and positive vibrations. So that means right
now, whether you all like it or not, or understand it or not, you are all emitting or putting off
this vibration. There's only two kinds: negative or positive.
Michael Losier

Remember, the Law of Attraction does not care whether you are remembering, pretending,
celebrating, playing, creating, complaining or worrying. It simply responds to what's in your
vibrational bubble. So, find proof, rejoice and send out a positive vibration.
Michael Losier

How can I change my vibration when I know I'm sending a negative vibration? I call that your
reset button. Just like any reset button, you'd want to reset something. My hunch is there is
an area in your life that you'd like to reset. Is it your financial vibrations? Is it relationships?
Is it clients...? If you're getting something in your life that you don't like it's because of the
vibration that you're sending. I can teach you how to reset your vibrations by simply resetting
your thoughts by simply resetting your words. You see, every time you use the word "don't",
"not", and "no", in that very moment, you just gave attention, energy and focus to that what
you didn't want. If you're getting a negative result it's because of your negative vibration. If
you have a negative vibration it's because of your negative thought. If you have a negative
thought it's because you're using the words "don't", "not", and "no." So to change the results
we wanna change the words. So here's your homework between now and the rest of your life:
It's to eliminate and reduce the use of the words "don't", "not", and "no." And every time you
catch yourself using them, simply say, "So what do I want?" Because when you go from what
you don't want to what you do want the words change. And when the words change the
vibration changes.
Michael Losier

You see, with all due respect, the universe isn't very smart. But it's very obedient. You see, it
doesn't decide whether the vibration that you're sending is good or bad for you or whether you
want it or don't want it, whether it's healthy or not healthy. It's obedient. That's why it's
called the Law.
Michael Losier

You can physically feel that you're not in vibrational harmony with somebody just by having a
conversation with them.
Michael Losier

We use the word vibe to describe moods or feelings. A vibe isn't something that you smell or
something that you taste or something that you hear. A vibe is something that you feel.
Michael Losier

You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you vibrate.
Michael Losier

You can improve any relationship using the Law of Attraction and here's why: If you are
attracting it (negative aspects of a relationship) then you've been sending out a vibration
that matched it. You may be thinking, "I didn't put it out there that I wanted negativity
between my spouse and I or that I have to work with a rude boss every day!" Well, actually
you did even without knowing it! Remember, the Law of Attraction is working all the time.
Michael Losier

Know what you want, give it energy and focus, and become a scorekeeper. As a matter of
fact, I encourage all of you that are going to follow this process with anything that you want
to attract, is that you start keeping score - in the very moment. Say, "Hey, am I ever
getting good! I attracted this. This is here because of me!"
Michael Losier

So, here's my little motto: The family that vibrates together stays together.
Michael Losier

One of the keys of becoming more abundant is to be a deliberate sender of the vibration of
abundance. You see, abundance is a feeling. And the key to understanding that is that the
Law of Attraction responds to the feeling that youre sending.
Michael Losier

Celebrate something that you might deem as being abundant. Maybe somebody bought you
lunch or dinner, or coffee, or free coaching or consulting over lunch. Maybe you got
40-percent-off coupons. Maybe somebody gave you something today. And in your celebration
of all these things that you can deem as being abundant, now you'll delibrately
send the vibration of abundance. And remember, you can only attract it if you're sending it.
So be more deliberate. Start noticing all the things in your life that you can deem as being
abundant. Keep a journal or a log.
Michael Losier

Imagine deliberately more of what you want and less of what you don't want!
Michael Losier