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Whenever you're in doubt of what you should do, err on the side of aggression. Choose the
more bold action. Because if you wait around for the safer and less bold opportunity to make
a move on her, chances are the attraction will be less or may even dwindle.
Mark Manson, Models - Attract Women Through Honesty

A man who believes he knows everything is a man who learns nothing. What's more
important: being right, or changing your life?
Mark Manson

The reason not every fantasy should be pursued is because fantasies never have negative
repercussions. Reality does.
Mark Manson

There is a belief from which all other positive beliefs flow. This is the prime belief. This is the 
belief that you are responsible for everything you do in your life, no matter the external
circumstances. The belief that regardless of the situation, our decisions are our responsibility.
Until a person has adopted this belief, change is impossible, and all negative beliefs will remain
cemented in place. Without the prime belief, people will feel powerless to their own lives.
Mark Manson

Women are turned on by men who desire them. They are also turned on by the behaviour of
high status. When you're expressing your truth boldly and showing shameless desire for her,
you are demonstrating both qualities that turn her on.
Mark Manson, Models - Attract Women Through Honesty

Society rewards the valueless with superficial benefits. But developing strong core values are
the foundation of lifelong happiness and fulfillment. They're the prerequisite for any
semblance of a healthy relationship, romantic or otherwise. They're the compass that always
points toward your life purpose. In short, they're awesome, and you should know what yours
are. Values are the ideals and standards that you live by, regardless of external pressures or
Mark Manson

This is more or less the blueprint of seduction: a strong, high status, attractive exterior
(lifestyle and looks), fearless, and able to open up and share your vulnerable side with her
(and theoretically, only her). Women get weak in the knees for this. And it's not even
conscious in them most of the time.
Mark Manson, Models - Attract Women Through Honesty

Today we are swamped with distractive forces - television, movies, social media, internet,
video games, texting - and most of us have been raised by parents with a "hands off" child-
rearing philosophy, you know, assuming they were around at all. For our generation, (unless
you're Asian) emphasis has always been put on self-esteem and not self-discipline. Instead of
engaged and nurtured, we were placed squarely in front of new nannies: cable television or a
Playstation. Instead of being punished for half-assing, we were rewarded for mediocrity.
Participation awards, "A for Effort" and trophies for everyone, even if they lost - these
reinforced the belief that we don't actually have to earn anything, it's handed to us.
Mark Manson

The reality of incompatibility defines our entire strategy of dating women. To base our 
strategy on anything else is inefficient at best and downright damaging at worst. The world is
what it is, it's our job to simply present ourselves as boldly and clearly to it as possible,
accept the reactions and move on the opportunities. Anything else is a fool's errand.
Mark Manson, Models - Attract Women Through Honesty

The business coach Zig Ziglar taught that if your goal is to go out and find a way to get
money from a thousand people, those thousand people will try to find reasons to not give it
to you. But if your goal is to go out and make the lives of a thousand people better, then
those thousand people will gladly give you money and much more. This has become one of
the defining principles of my life.
Mark Manson

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