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Life quotes page 7

Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts. The person who makes a success of living is
the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly.
Cecil B. DeMille

Life is short, and it's up to you to make it sweet.
Sarah Louise Delany

The most effective way I know to understand and clarify life purpose is to develop a personal
mission statement.
Greg Anderson

If men could regard the events of their own lives with more open minds, they would
frequently discover that they did not really desire the things they failed to obtain.
Andre Maurois

There are two things to aim at in life: First, to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it.
Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.
Logan Pearsall Smith

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.
Soren Kierkegaard

If you enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder.
Ray Bradbury

Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all of your energies on a limited
set of targets.
Nido Qubein

A man's feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world.
George Santayana

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Neale Donald Walsch

It is not always by plugging away at a difficulty and sticking at it that one overcomes it; but,
rather, often by working on the one next to it. Certain people and certain things require to be
approached on an angle.
Matthew Arnold

The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to
Benjamin Mays

Life is a collection of self-fulfilling prophecies.
John Nabor

Life's ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals.
Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.
Marsha Sinetar

It is a paradoxical but profoundly true and important principle of life that the most likely way
to reach a goal is to be aiming not at that goal but at some more ambitious goal beyond it.
Arnold Joseph Toynbee

To say yes, you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves and plunge both hands into life up to
the elbows. It's easy to say no, even it means dying.
Jean Anouilb

How pleasant it is, at the end of the day,
No follies to have to repent;
But reflect on the past, and be able to say,
That my time has been properly spent.
Ann Taylor

Don't go through life, grow through life.
Eric Butterworth

The secret of living is to find the pivot of a concept on which you can make your stand.
Luigi Pirandello

Live your life as though your every act were to become a universal law.
Immanuel Kant

Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.
Marquis de Condorcet

If you treat every situation as a life-and-death matter, you'll die a lot of times.
Dean Smith

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion,
by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.
Greg Anderson

Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.
Karl Wallenda

The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he is going.
David Starr Jordan

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?
Mary Ann Evans

To be able to look back upon one's past life with satisfaction is to live twice.
John Dalberg-Acton

Desperate affairs require desperate measures.
Horatio Nelson

An insatiable appetite for glory leads to sacrifice and death, but innate instinct leads to self-
preservation and life.
Jose Marti

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