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John Wayne quotes

1907 - 1979, American actor, producer and director

Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway.
John Wayne

Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid.
John Wayne

A man deserves a second chance, but keep an eye on him.
John Wayne

All battles are fought by scared men who'd rather be some place else.
John Wayne, In Harm's Way

My hope and prayer is that everyone know and love our country for what she really is and
what she stands for.
John Wayne

I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The
others can do whatever the hell they please.
John Wayne

Out here, due process is a bullet!
John Wayne, The Green Berets

I'd like to know why well-educated idiots keep apologizing for lazy and complaining people
who think the world owes them a living.
John Wayne

If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.
John Wayne

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's
perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from
John Wayne

Don't say it's a fine morning or I'll shoot ya.
John Wayne, McLintock

I never trust a man that doesn't drink.
John Wayne

I've always followed my father's advice: He told me, first to always keep my word and,
second, to never insult anybody unintentionally. If I insult you, you can be goddamn sure I
intend to. And third, he told me not to go around looking for trouble.
John Wayne

Every time you turn around expect to see me. 'Cause one time you'll turn around and I'll be
there, and I'll kill you, Matt.
John Wayne, Red River

My main object in making a motion picture is entertainment. If at the same time I can strike a
blow for liberty, then I'll stick one in.
John Wayne

Well, there are some things a man just can't run away from.
John Wayne, Stagecoach

I'm an American actor. I work with my clothes on. I have to. Riding a horse can be pretty
tough on your legs and elsewheres.
John Wayne

I play John Wayne in every picture regardless of the character, and I've been doing all right,
haven't I?
John Wayne

When the road looks rough ahead, remember the "Man upstairs" and the word Hope. Hang onto
both and "tough it out."
John Wayne

Westerns are closer to art than anything else in the motion picture business.
John Wayne

We brought nothing into this world, and it's certain we can carry nothing out.
John Wayne, Red River

If it hadn't been for football and the fact I got my leg broke and had to go into the movies to
eat, why, who knows, I might have turned out to be a liberal Democrat.
John Wayne

I'm the stuff men are made of!
John Wayne

I've known Jane Fonda since she was a little girl. I've never agreed with a word she's said,
but would give my life defending her right to say it.
John Wayne

I may sound like a bible beater yelling up a revival at a river crossing camp meeting but that
don't change the truth none, there's right and there's wrong. You gotta do one or the other.
You do the one and you're living, you do the other and you may be walking around but you're
dead as a beaver hat.
John Wayne, The Alamo

Give the American people a good cause, and there's nothing they can't lick.
John Wayne

Don't apologize. It's a sign of weakness.
John Wayne, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Well, son, since you haven't learned to respect your elders, it's time you learned to respect
your betters.
John Wayne, Big Jake

I do not want the government to take away my human dignity and insure me anything more
than a normal security. I don't want handouts.
John Wayne

I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things
to other people, and I require the same from them.
John Wayne, The Shootist

Out here a man settles his own problems.
John Wayne, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Contrary to what people think, I'm no politician, and when I have something to say I say it
through my movies.
John Wayne

I am a demonstrative man, a baby picker-upper, a hugger and a kisser. That's my nature.
John Wayne