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God quotes page 9

Sometimes you want to whisper in God's ear, "God, we know you are in charge, but why don't
you make it slightly more obvious?"
Desmond Tutu

What makes us human is that we think about the gods and they think about us.
Deepak Chopra

You can take away a man's gods, but only to give him others in return.
Carl Jung

I think God's going to come down and pull civilization over for speeding.
Steven Wright

To say that I am made in the image of God is to say that Love is the reason for my
existence, for God is love. Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my
true character. Love is my name.
Thomas Merton

Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, and if we concentrate our minds on
that truth, we become in tune with this great power.
Nikola Tesla

In the beginning was nonsense, and the nonsense was with God, and the nonsense was God.
Friedrich Nietzsche

God loves the poor and helps the rich.
Jewish proverb

After reading all that has been written, and after thinking all that can be thought on the
topics of God and the soul, the man who has a right to say that he thinks at all, will find
himself face to face with the conclusion that, on these topics, the most profound thought is
that which can be the least easily distinguished from the most superficial sentiment.
Edgar Allan Poe

God depends on us. It is through us that God is achieved.
Andre Gide

How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an
electric typewriter?
Woody Allen

I'm not denyin' the women are foolish: God Almighty made 'em to match the men.
George Eliot

Do you think God likes to be around people that are happy or people that are miserable? It's
not hard to tell. Just think about it by imagining that you're God. You created the heavens
and earth so that you can play and experience yourself, and now you're dropping down to
check on your humans. So God asks the first human He sees,

"How are you doing?"

The human says, "What do you mean, how am I doing?"

"Well do you like it here?"

"No, I don't like it here."

"Why not? What' wrong?"

"That tree is bent in five places; I want it to be straight. This person went out with somebody
else, and that person ran up a hundred-dollar phone bill. This person has a nicer car than mine
and that person dresses funny. It's just terrible. Plus my nose is too big, my ears are too small,
and my toes are weird. I'm not happy with it. I don't like any of it."

So God says, "Well, how about the animals?"

"The animals? The ants and mosquitoes bite you; it's a terrible thing. I can't go out at night
because there are all these animals out there. They howl and poop all over the place, and I just
don't like it."

Do you think God likes listening to this? He says, "What do you think - I'm a complaint
department?" Then He goes and visits somebody else, and again, He asks,

"How are you doing?"

This person says, "I'm ecstatic."

God says, "Wow! Well, how do you like things?"

"They're beautiful. Everything I look at just creates waves of joy inside me. I look at that tree
bent; it just blows me away. The ant comes and bites me, and it's just so amazing that a tiny
ant could be so brave enough to bite a giant like me!"
Michael A. Singer

Mother is the word for God on the hearts and lips of all little children.
William Makepeace Thackeray

Why did God make women so beautiful and man with such a loving heart?
Walker Percy

The happiest man is he who brings forth the highest and the best in him. God is the highest
and best in you. Express more of God's love, light, truth, and beauty, and you will become
one of the happiest persons in the world today.
Joseph Murphy

I do not believe in God. I believe in cashmere.
Fran Lebowitz

When I held that gun in my hand, I felt a surge of power. Like God must feel when he's
holding a gun.
Homer Simpson

It is said that God has created man in his own image. But it may be that humankind has
created God in the image of humankind.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Gods, devils and men are alike in actions and thoughts.
Tibetan proverb

God's final message to his Creation: We apologize for the inconvenience.
Douglas Adams

To do all that one is able to do, is to be a man; to do all that one would like to do, would be
to be a god.
Napoleon Bonaparte

The charitable give out at the door and God puts in at the window.
English proverb

I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn't need any advice from me. With God in
charge, I believe everything will work out for the best in the end. So what is there to worry
Henry Ford

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