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Excuse quotes page 2

An excuse is nearer to a woman than her apron.
Irish proverb

A great manager will push a person to do more at the risk of coming up short, not target less.
This idea of changing targets to make everyone feel good will lead to a further weakening of
morale, hope, expectations, and skills, and everyone will start assigning reasons - better
known as excuses - as to why the team is unable to attain its targets.
Grant Cardone

There are a thousand excuses for failure but never a good reason.
Mark Twain

There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing
something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you
accept no excuses - only results.
Kenneth Blanchard

That which is customary requires no excuse.
Italian proverb

Want more energy? Stop making excuses, complaining, and worrying. The body does not run
efficiently when fed that crap.
Sean Stephenson

With the information available to us today, ignorance is inexcusable.
Farrah Gray

Never complain, never explain. Resist the temptation to defend yourself or make excuses.
Brian Tracy

Rationalization is a process of not perceiving reality, but of attempting to make reality fit
one's emotions.
Ayn Rand

Trouble with American transportation is that you can get somewhere quicker than you can
think of a reason for going there. What we need now is a new excuse to go somewhere.
Will Rogers

A lie is an excuse guarded.
Jonathan Swift

To rush into explanations is always a sign of weakness.
Agatha Christie

People are fond of using the "it's not what you know, it's who you know" adage as an excuse
for inaction, as if all successful people are born with powerful friends. Nonsense.
Tim Ferriss

Excuses cost a dime and that's why the poor could afford a lot of it.
Robert Kiyosaki

If a person is stupid, we excuse him by saying that he cannot help it; but if we attempted to
excuse in precisely the same way the person who is bad, we should be laughed at.
Arthur Schopenhauer

My doctor says that I have a malformed public-duty gland and a natural deficiency in moral
fibre and that I am therefore excused from saving universes.
Douglas Adams

We say that "Someday I'll read that book. Someday I'll start that exercise program. Someday
I'll upgrade my skills and earn more money. Someday I'll get my finances under control and
get out of debt. Someday I'll do all those things that I know I need to do to achieve all my
goals. Someday." Probably 80 percent of the population lives on Someday Isle most of the
time. They think and dream and fantasize about all the things they are going to do
"someday." And who are they surrounded by on Someday Isle? Other people on Someday Isle!
And what is the chief topic of conversation on Someday Isle? Excuses! They all sit around
and swap excuses for being on the island... The first rule of success is simple: Vote yourself
off the island!
Brian Tracy

Excuses are of no avail before God.
Indian proverb

Don't you hate when people are late to work? And they always have the worst excuses. "Oh,
I'm sorry I'm late, traffic." "Traffic, huh? How do you think I got here; helicoptered in?"
Ellen DeGeneres

More people will get out of your way if you say, "I'm about to puke!" than if you say, "Excuse
Sally Berger

I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse.
Florence Nightingale

No one ever excused his way to success.
Dave Del Dotto

We may place blame, give reasons, and even have excuses; but in the end, it is an act of
cowardice to not follow your dreams.
Steve Maraboli

Sometimes I wish I had a terrible childhood, so that at least I'd have an excuse.
Jimmy Fallon

We excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty.
Marcus Fabius Quintilian

Several excuses are always less convincing than one.
Aldous Huxley

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