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Diligence quotes

To be idle is a short road to death and to be dilligent is a way of life. Foolish people are idle,
wise people are dilligent.

Diligence and constancy of purpose achieve the impossible.
Chinese proverb

Diligence = disciplined excellence over time.
Dave Ramsey

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if
you're willing to work.
Oprah Winfrey

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.
Miguel de Cervantes

As a leader you may imagine that constant diligence, and the appearance of working harder
than anyone else, signify power. Actually, though, they have the opposite effect: They imply
weakness. Why are you working so hard? Perhaps you are incompetent, and have to put in
extra effort just to keep up; perhaps you are one of those people who does not know how to
delegate, and has to meddle in everything. The truly powerful, on the other hand, seem
never to be in a hurry or overburdened. While others work their fingers to their bone, they
take their leisure.
Robert Greene

Zeal will do more than knowledge.
William Hazlitt

Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen;
even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci

When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself.

Active valour may often be the present of nature; but such patient diligence can be the fruit
only of habit and discipline.
Edward Gibbon

Gold laboreth diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable
employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field.
George S. Clason

All work asks for diligence.
African proverb, Ovambo

I never could have done what I have done, without the habits of punctuality, order, and
diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one object at a time.
Charles Dickens

Diligence usually prospers.
Welsh proverb

No boy or girl should ever be disheartened by lack of success in their youth but should
diligently and faithfully continue to persevere and make up for lost time.
Sir Winston Churchill

Zeal, n. A certain nervous disorder afflicting the young and inexperienced. A passion that
goeth before a sprawl.
Ambrose Bierce

Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength,
but perseverance.
Samuel Johnson

Zeal without prudence is frenzy.
English proverb

With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly
exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilised men, on the other hand, do our utmost to
check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick;
we institute poor-laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of every
one to the last moment.
Charles Darwin

Diligence is the parent of fortune.
German proverb

Zeal without knowledge is the sister of folly.
English proverb

Men must be decided on what they will not do, and then they are able to act with vigor
in what they ought to do.

If Edison had a needle to find in a haystack, he would proceed at once with the diligence of
the bee to examine straw after straw until he found the object of his search. I was a sorry
witness of such doings, knowing that a little theory and calculation would have saved him
ninety per cent of his labor.
Nikola Tesla

My vigor, vitality and cheek repel me - I am the kind of woman I would run from.
Nancy Astor

When your opponent is hurrying recklessly, you must act contrarily and keep calm. You must
not be influenced by the opponent. Train diligently to attain this spirit.
Miyamoto Musashi

A diligent mother, a lazy daughter.
Portugese proverb

Rage is a powerful energy that with diligent practice can be transformed into fierce
compassion. However much we disagree with our enemies, our task is to identify with them.
They too feel justified in their point of view.

Blind zeal only does harm.
German proverb

Each organic being is striving to increase in a geometrical ratio... each at some period of its
life, during some season of the year, during each generation or at intervals, has to struggle
for life and to suffer great destruction... The vigorous, the healthy, and the happy survive
and multiply.
Charles Darwin 

Diligence is a very great help even to a mediocre intelligence.

Be a lamp unto yourself. Work out your liberation with diligence.

That which ordinary men are fit for, I am qualified in. And the best of me is diligence.
William Shakespeare

Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.
English proverb

Diligence overcomes difficulties, sloth makes them.
Benjamin Franklin

Being forced to work, and forced to do your best, will breed in you temperance and self-
control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which
the idle will never know.
Charles Kingsley

Amateurs look for inspiration; the rest of us just get up and go to work.
Chuck Close

Youth is the most suitable age to enjoy the life completely or to work diligently for the life,
what you decide makes your rest of the life ordinary or legendary respectively.
Amit Kalantri

You don't need to wish harder, you need to work harder.
Amit Kalantri

Every man should be master of anything he does and should do it in a masterly manner, with
love, no matter what it is, whether hard physical work, menial or boring work, or inspirational
Walter Russell

There's no lightning. There's blood, sweat and tears. There's a good idea and there's 18
months of due diligence, hard work, day and night.
Mel Brooks

Everything yields to diligence.

It's what you do in your free time that will set you free - or enslave you.
Jarod Kintz

When you discipline yourself to do what is hard, you gain access to a realm of results that
are denied everyone else. The willingness to do what is difficult is like having a key to a
special private treasure room.
Steve Pavlina

He who labors diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and
Menander of Athens

Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with
Abigail Adams