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David Chilton quotes

born October 27, 1961; Canadian author and financial consultant, author of "The Wealthy Barber"

Wealth beyond your wildest dreams is possible if you follow the golden rule: Invest ten 
percent of all you make for long-term growth. If you follow that one simple guideline,
someday you'll be a very rich man.
David Chilton

Stretching yourself to your financial limit in order to buy a house is almost always a financial
David Chilton

One of the most important things I've learned in 25 years in the world of finance and 20 years
since "The Wealthy Barber" - people stink at investing!
David Chilton

I think people should spend more on experiences and less on stuff, but then again, within the
context of affordability.
David Chilton

The only thing worse than a bad investment is a bad investment made with borrowed money.
David Chilton

"I can't afford it" - you have to learn to say those four words.
David Chilton

I'd say about half the people in trouble with their line of credit, by any common sense
measure, got that way through a home renovation.
David Chilton

I live in a 1,300-sq.-foot house - and that's including the basement. And I don't even have a
garage. I live in a very tiny house.
David Chilton

I think even really good savers tend to have areas of weaknesses where they spend a lot,
and get a lot of joy from it. But the key is that they cut back elsewhere. And what I see so
often now is that's one thing many people aren't willing to do. People will spend excessively
on travel but won't make the cuts elsewhere. They use the line of credit instead. And that's
why so many people are so far behind in saving for their retirement. They don't want to make
any compromises or sacrifices.
David Chilton

The problem with just buying ETFs and index funds is you lose the adviser in the mix.
David Chilton

Curiousity - I find that's the most commonly seen charcateristic of happy people. They're
curious. They love to learn, they love to read, they love to travel, they love to listen to other
people's opinions, they love to learn! If you can teach your kids one thing, I think it will lead
to happiness, is to develop curiousity.
David Chilton

A dollar saved is two dollars earned.
David Chilton

Over the past fifty years borrowing has gone from a shameful vice to the national pastime.
David Chilton

By saving ten percent of your pay now, you virtually guarantee yourself financial freedom later
in life. Only a fool would say no to that. So, start now and don't stop!
David Chilton