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Connie Podesta quotes

American self-help author and motivational speaker

I wanna tell you something, women: Men aren't afraid of death, disease, torture or war. You
know what wakes a man up in the middle of the night? In a cold sweat, the very thought
that tomorrow, the very thought that tomorrow you will have him involved in a discussion
about the relationship.
Connie Podesta

Standing out in a positive way isn't something you do some of the time. It's something you
strive for all the time. Your social media should reflect that.
Connie Podesta

Difficult people are great actors. Every difficult person in your life - will you see them for
what they are? Don't take it personally. It isn't about you. They treat their spouse this
way... Difficult people have an act. And they either use their whining crying to make you feel
guilty, so that you'll give in, or they use anger to make you afraid so that you will give in.
Difficult people want one thing - they want their own way.
Connie Podesta

Powerful motivational speaking is so much more than smart words and a polished delivery; it
is that ability to reach inside the audience and touch their minds, hearts and souls so they
will truly want to experience outstanding results in every area of their life - both work and
Connie Podesta

Healthy relationships are based on one thing - healthy communication, otherwise known as
assertive, or to get right to the point - adult communication.
Connie Podesta

I am choosing to be more creative, more passionate, more productive, and more confident
than ever before. Why? Because I have no other choice if I want to succeed. And, believe
me, success is not an option for me; and hopefully, not for you either. Ready to tackle the
world? Then start with a change and a choice. Change any attitudes and behaviors that may
get in your way and sabotage your success. And choose to forge ahead with spirit,
determination and a lot of love along the way.
Connie Podesta

Sometimes in our attempt to give children what we did not have, we forget to give our
children what we did have.
Connie Podesta

The number 1 reason why someone has an affair in marriage is not about sex. It's because
they no longer felt good about themselves in the presence of their spouse. The number 1
reason why an employee quits their job is not about money, it's because they no longer felt
good about themselves in the presence of their management team. Ladies and gentleman, we
make choices based on how we feel about ourselves.
Connie Podesta

The game of life is basically about getting our needs met.
Connie Podesta

Fairness isn't a given. Watch out for the warning signs and choose to surround yourself with
people who play fair, work fair and live life with integrity.
Connie Podesta

Too often people let the past be about regrets and the future be about worry. Neither
emotion is going to get your needs met, make you a better person, increase your ability to
love and be loved, mend a heart, or solve a problem... at this moment.
Connie Podesta

The way we communicate is changing at lightning speed. If you want to out-think,
out-perform the competition and be valued, you've got to change with it.
Connie Podesta

Women, shame on you! Don't you ever ask a man in your life again about your weight. You
have a scale - get on it!
Connie Podesta

Difficult people have been trained and taught to act the way they do since they were
children. In fact, they have been rewarded for their negative behavior throughout their entire
lives. Difficult behavior worked for them as children, and more importantly, it continues to
work for them as adults.
Connie Podesta

There's enough negative in the world to go around. My goals mirror those of most top leaders.
People need real positive change today. They need to see possibilities where others see
obstacles. They need to feel empowered rather than powerless. And they need real-world
solutions to help them achieve these things. That's what I can bring to the table.
Connie Podesta

We are not attracted to people because of their strengths, we are attracted to people
because of our weaknesses. Which is why it is so important that you understand yourself.
Connie Podesta

Change is what makes life exciting, daring, different, inspired. Stop fighting it. Embrace it!
Connie Podesta

If you don't understand people - customers, colleagues, leaders, owners, family, friends and
yourself, there is NO WAY you can ever experience success - at any level.
Connie Podesta

You are not your past. And your future? Will take care of itself - if you choose to live.
Connie Podesta

Indifferent and apathetic people are just as dangerous to your life as negative people.
Apathy is contagious!
Connie Podesta

Men are so much better getting their needs met... If a guy has a need, he goes after it.
Doesn't worry about it, doesn't feel guilty about it, he just moves on, gets it met, goes to
the next step... Women, we have come so far. Professionally. We have broken every glass
ceiling there is to break. We are CEOs of major companies, women are coaches of major
sports teams, we are prime ministers of countries. Yet, do you know that the average woman
today is no better at getting her personal needs met than she was a hundred years ago?
Connie Podesta

Communication is one of the most vital tools we can harness in terms of building better
companies and better relationships. How you present yourself in person and now through
social media platforms speaks volumes to your character, integrity and frankly, they are
deciding factors for people to determine whether they want to do business with you.
Connie Podesta

Memories can either make you or break you. They can drag you down, destroy your
confidence, wear out your spirit and keep you living in "what was" and not "what is." Or they
can be the foundation for unbelievable learning, new experiences, and a purposeful, happy life
built on what you are capable of achieving at this very moment in time. Don't live in the past
- learn from it.
Connie Podesta

Happiness is understanding that abundance is yours for the taking.
Connie Podesta

Procrastination? Career-killer. Joy-spoiler. Relationship-ender. Don't wait for tomorrow to be
happier and more successful.
Connie Podesta