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Brian Tracy quotes page 6

A lot of people ask, "How do you organize your life when you have so much to do in so little 
time?" It seems to be chaotic. And the phone is ringing, and people are calling. Unexpected
emergencies crop up and things you had expected to happen don't happen. And things that
do happen take much longer than you thought; cost much more and so on. Well, I say, "Join
the human race!"

The fact is, that in our world today, there is much good stuff going on. That we are eager to
take a piece of everything. We are constantly raising our hand, if you like, and say, "I'll do
that; I'll do this; I'll get into that; and I'll add that to my schedule and so on." So, as I
mentioned earlier, the starting point of getting your life under control is to sit down and think
about two things: Who you really are. Which means what are your natural talents and
abilities; what you enjoy; what you like doing... if you're financially independent, what you
would want to do with life based on your own talents and abilities?

Another question we ask is: If you could work in any job, or in any industry, or in any
position, or in any part of the country - what would they be? And think them through.

At Stanford University they teach an exercise in creative thinking, a part of the business
faculty, it's called the 20-10 exercise. And that's: Imagine that you have 20 million dollars
cash in the bank. Just for fun. An inheritance. You won the lottery. But simultaneously you
have an incurable illness and you only have ten years left to live. If you have 20 million
dollars on the bank and ten years left to live - what choices and decisions would you make 
for your life?

And that begins to clarify things. We start to become clear, what if I had that money and
only a limited amount of time, there's certain things I would want to do. And certain things
that would not be that important...

In the process of reengineering, in business, the whole process of reengineering is based on
what is called "process simplification." And the way you simplify a process is you stop doing
things. You eliminate low-value tasks to free up more time for the things that are most
important to you.
You keep going through your life and say, "What are the things that I can
get rid of? That I can stop doing altogether; that I could delegate to someone else. Or that I
can combine and do all together. You keep thinking, "How can I simplify my life? How can I
reengineer my life so it's simpler and more streamlined?" And then you concentrate more and
more time doing fewer and fewer things which give you greater and greater results financial
and satisfaction emotional in your life.
Brian Tracy

People are time-wasters. And the great majority of people have no goals, they have no
priorities, they have no plans, they have no concern about being successful and they think
you are the same. They think because their time isn't worth anything, your time isn't worth
anything also. So be very alert!
Brian Tracy

Life is managing your time so that you can do the things that are most important to you. We
start off in life, saying: "Boy, if I'm really successful at my job then I'll be able to do all of
these things for myself and my family." And what happens is we lose sight of that goal and
we become totally preoccupied with the job.
Brian Tracy

How to achieve your sales and income goals

Here's a key way for you to achieve all your sales goals. And it's simple: It's very important to
break your sales goals down into the activities necessary to achieve them. You see, you
can't control the sales themself because they can go sideways for a thousand reasons, but
you can control the activities which yield or lead inevitably to those sales by the law of
probabilities. So the more precise you are about activities the more likely it is that you will
accomplish your sales and your income goals.

So, here's an exercise for you to complete in order to break down your goals into the precise
activities you have to do to achieve each one of them. Start off with your sales volume and
your income goal. How much do you wanna earn? How much do you wanna sell? How many
sales will you have to make in order to achieve that? Work out what you earn per sale and
divide that into your earnings goal. For example, if you wanna make $75,000 this year at
$750 per sale, you'll have to make 100 sales. Now figure out the number of calls you'll have
to make. You say, "Well, I'll have to call on roughly 15 people before I make a sale. So
therefore I'll have to make 1,500 calls."

Now, here's an important point - keep track of your call activity every day so that you can
measure how well you are doing. So how many presentations will you need to make to close
100 sales? Work it out. Maybe you'll have to make 3 presentations for each sale. So you say,
"Well, I need 300 presentations to make 100 sales." Write it down. Now, what about the
number of proposals? Well, one of these prospects out of 3 actually buys, so the other 2
need proposals. So I need 200 proposals.

And lastly - daily activities. How many people will I have to call on every day in order to
achieve my goals, daily, weekly, and monthly? If you break it down like that then the first
thing you do on Monday morning at 8 o'clock is you start working on your numbers. Your job
is to hit your numbers. And if you hit your numbers every single day, sure as God made little
green apples, you're gona hit your numbers every week and every month. You'll have high
weeks and low weeks, and high months and low months, but the average overall is you'll hit
your targets again and again. See, the big mistake we make is we don't hit our numbers on
Monday, or Tuedsay or Wednesday, and then we really pour it on Thursday and Friday. And
Friday we finally work at it for a couple of hours and then quit. We say, "Ah, I'll work on it
twice as hard next week." And we get further and further behind.

The key to success in sales, because you're on your own so much of the time, is to hold
your own feet to the fire!
One top salesman told me that what he would do is go to work and
he would refuse to allow himself to have a cup of coffee, and he liked coffee, until he had
made 5 calls. Then, he wouldn't allow himself to have lunch until he had scheduled 2
appointments or made 5 more calls. He wouldn't even allow himself to go to the bathroom
until he had made a certain number of calls. He kept disciplining himself. He told me that when
you start missing lunch and feeling that hunger because you procrastinated and fooled around
all morning and you keep your promise to yourself, you'll get smart real fast. He said you'll stop
fooling around! You get in there in the morning and you recognize that lunch is at stake and
you know that lunch is surely more important than whether somebody you never have seen or
heard of before likes you or dislikes you. So, call them up! Say to you yourself, "I'm here to
talk to you. My lunch is at stake."
Brian Tracy

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