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Brian Tracy quotes page 5

Manage by responsibility. It is a powerful way to grow people.
Brian Tracy

Now let me give you a quick exercise which is my only take-home or homework exercise for
our time together. I want you to take a piece of paper like this and write down 10 goals that
you like to accomplish in the next 12 months. Write the word "goals" and today's date at the
top of the page. Write down 10 goals you'd like to accomplish and then ask yourself this
great question: If you could only accomplish one goal on this list but you could
accomplish it  within 24 hours - which one goal would have the greatest positive
impact on your life?
Now this is a great question because it'll usually jump out at you. You
say, "That's the one. If I have this, that would have more of an impact on my life than
anything else." Sometimes it's a financial goal, sometimes it's a health goal, sometimes it's a
relationship goal. Whatever it is, put a circle around that goal and then turn the page over
and write it at the top of the page. Set a deadline on the goal, make a list of everything that
you can think of to do to achieve the goal and then begin working on your list. And here's the
kicker - do something every day. Do something every day that moves you one step forward
towards your major goal. My promise to you that this exercise, selecting your most important
goal, making it a plan and working on it every day, will change your life in ways that you
cannot imagine. They say that "People begin to become great when they determine their
major definitive purpose, their number 1 goal, and work on it every day." It is the secret to
becoming a self-made millionaire; it's a secret to great success in life. My promise to you - a
week, a month, a year from now - you'll look back and you be absolutely staggered at the
difference it makes.
Brian Tracy

Action without planning is the cause of all failure.
Brian Tracy

If you do not have clear goals for your life, you are condemned forever to work for those who
Brian Tracy

Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.
Brian Tracy

Most stress, anxiety and frustation in the world of work today comes from working very hard
on irrelevant tasks. Benjamin Tregoe said: "If it's not worth doing, it's not worth doing right."
And I think it was Drucker who said: "The very worst thing in the world is to do very well
what need not be done at all."
Brian Tracy

In a study done amongst 140 Chief Executive Officers, they asked what would be the qualities
that would put a person on a fast track in their career. You know the conclusion they came
back to? Two qualities: number one - the ability to set priorities. To choose what was
relevant over what was irrelevant. And number two was the ability to get the job done fast.
If all you did was this: set priorities and get the job done fast, that alone would cause you to
stand out from 80 to 90 percent of the people that you work with.
Brian Tracy

You know, people always asked me why I have such high energy. I'm never sick, I never have
colds, I never have flus. Even when I had cancer I never missed a day's work. I worked 5, 6
days a week. And there is a good reason for it. And it's the studies that I have done on rest.
One of the things that I have found is about 60 to 70 per cent of Americans are suffering
from what is called "sleep deprivation." Which means they are getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep
every night. What I've found, is if you're an adult and you're working a busy life, you need 8
hours of sleep per night. And I taught this to my clients. And I would say, "How many hours
are you sleeping?" And they say, "5 or 6."

And I said, "What you're doing is you're walking around in a state of fog most of the time." So
I've trained them to start sleeping 8 hours. And you know what they say? They say, "It's like
waking up after a stupor." They couldn't believe it. For years they've been going around,
functioning at half speed, they ate too much, they exercised too little, they were tired when
they got home at night. And just by turning off the television and go bed - what you do is
this - is to start to wind down at 9pm and 10 o'clock you go to bed and get 8 hours of sleep.
If you do that for one week, you haven't been doing it, it transforms your life. It's my key to
high energy and it's the key to all the successful people that I talk to, that all get lots of
sleep every night.
Brian Tracy

People always ask me why it is that I am so positive and cheerful all day long. Which I am,
most of the time. And, so the question is: How do you keep motivated? What I have found,
what really works for me, is very simple: If you eat a really healthy breakfast you're going to
be feeling more energetic, more positive, and stronger all day. If you eat a poor breakfast, or
you don't eat breakfast at all, you're gonna be weak and errable. It's the same thing with
mental food. So you take in a really good breakfast, and what I do is I have a high-protein
breakfast but no carbohydrates. No bread; no pasta; no muffins; no rolls; no bagels; just
eggs. Really high-protein. And maybe orange juice.

Now, with regard to your mind, I rewrite my goals every morning. Which sort of sets you off
positively. Because whenever you think about your goals you become positive. That I plan
every day in advance. I make a list of everything I have to do and set priorities and then I
start in on my most important tasks. And I work at my important task in the morning until it's
complete. And then go on to task number two. The next thing I do is I listen to positive audio
programs in my car. Now this is so important, when you feed your mind with positive material
as you're driving around, you can't be a more positive person!

So if you do those simple things, is get up in the morning, eat well, I always exercise as I've
told you before, eat a good breakfast, rewrite your goals before you start, plan your in
advance, and start on your top priority. And when you move around, listen to audio programs.
The combination is like a rich, mental feast. It keeps you positive and energized all day long.
Brian Tracy

If you're like me you're probably a hard worker. And what I found, when I speak to lots of
people, they say, "It's easier to work than not to work." When you're an entrepreneur or
business owner, every day is a potential work day. So I found something that changed my
life: And it's what the Jewish people call a Sabbath. And the Sabbath, in the Jewish tradition,
starts at 6 o'clock on friday and ends at 6am on sunday. So there's 36 hours and two nights
sleep in which time they don't do anything. And what affected me was the idea that anybody
can have a Sabbath. And if you start to do this it will change your life. And what I do now is
I do usually friday night to sunday morning or I'll do it from saturday evening till monday
morning. But you get 36 hours, two full nights where you sleep in, and one full day where you
do nothing at all. You go to movies, you relax, you read no computer, no blackberry, no
iphone, no work at all. The first time you do this you'll be like a drug addict because you have
this desparate need to want to do something. But you have to discipline yourself to do
absolutely nothing that's work-related for 36 hours. If you can do that you'll have so much
more energy when you work, you'll be so much brighter, you get so much more done that you
won't have missed the time at all and you have lots of time for yourself and your family.
Brian Tracy

Think continually about what you want, not about the things you fear.
Brian Tracy

Perhaps the biggest single obstacle that salespeople have, especially when they start off and
even later, is they get into comfort zone. They get into an area of complacency. In fact, we
say that success is sometimes the greatest enemy of further success because people say,
"Well, I'm doing pretty well. I don't need to be doing better than this." And they just start to
- coast. But unfortunately there is only one direction in which you can coast. So the key to
becoming more successful, to making more sales, and making more money is to force yourself
to move out of your comfort zone. What this means is that you have to raise your
self-concept, your idea of yourself as a salesperson. For example, whatever you earned last
year - set a new goal to earn 50% more. And write it down as a number. Be very specific
about it. And start to think about yourself as earning that amount of money. Think: If I was
earning that amount of money, what would I be doing differently - today? What would I be
doing from morning to evening? What would I be doing differently all day long if I was earning
that kind of money? In a book called "Leaders" by Warren Bennis, which was a very popular
book at one time, they found that leaders, like yourself, have 5 qualities in common. The one
he talked about was that leaders were aware of the tendency to fall into a comfort zone.
And to, sort of, start doing things the same way over and over again. And they deliberately
forced themselves out of their comfort zone by setting bigger goals for themselves. I mean
you set bigger goals - you create a self-image of yourself as doing far better than you're
doing today. I'll give you an example: A salesmanager I worked for; whenever he hired a new
salesperson he'd say, "Do you have a car?" He said, "Yes." "Well, come with me." And he
would them take them down to the nearby Cadillac dealership; he'd force them to trade in
their car on a Cadillac; first payment was due the next month; and drive home in a brandnew
Cadillac. Well, many of the salepeople were really, really tense about this. And their wives -
they got really upset. But you know what happened? Every one of them became a great
success. They started driving around in a brandnew Cadillac and seeing themselves as if they
were top salespeople. They spoke with greater confidence, they had a different self-image,
they had a different self-concept. So you can do the same sort of thing yourself. See yourself
as the best in your field. Set big goals for yourself that move you out of your comfort zone
and never be satisfied at any level of performance. Remember Shakespeare said, "The past is
merely prelude." Whatever you've accomplished in the past is only a fraction of what you can
truly can accomplish in the future if you move out of your comfort zone.
Brian Tracy

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