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Ambition quotes page 1

Ambition is putting a ladder against the sky.
American proverb

Gratitude looks to the Past and love to the Present; fear, avarice, lust, and ambition look
C. S. Lewis

To rise high, conceal ambition.
Chinese proverb

At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition
has been growing steadily ever since.
Salvador Dali

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.
Marilyn Monroe

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but
the really great make you feel that you too, can become great.
Mark Twain

Of course I'm ambitious. What's wrong with that? Otherwise you sleep all day.
Ringo Starr

Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a poverty of ambition. It asks too little of
yourself. And it will leave you unfulfilled.
Barack Obama

I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.
Thomas Carlyle

To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition,
the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being.
John Lubbock

An average person with average talent, ambition and education can outstrip the most brilliant
genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals.
Brian Tracy

There is a loftier ambition than to stand high in the world - it is to step down and lift mankind
a little higher.
Henry van Dyke

The ambitious are criticized by those that have given up.
Grant Cardone

Me only have one ambition, y'know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to
see mankind live together - black, white, Chinese, everyone - that's all.
Bob Marley

Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and
Evan Esar

A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions.
Marcus Aurelius

Finally I am coming to the conclusion that my highest ambition is to be what I already am.
That I will never fulfill my obligation to surpass myself unless I first accept myself, and if I
accept myself fully in the right way, I will already have surpassed myself.
Thomas Merton

Criticism is the price of ambition.
Robin Sharma

Self-discipline is the the ability to funnel our desires and passions in a productive direction,
for a sustained period of time in order to achieve our goals. It is the connective tissue that
links ambition with achievement.
Tommy Newberry

Virtue is chok'd with foul ambition.
William Shakespeare, Henry VI

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.
Carl Sagan

Having an unusually large goal is an adrenaline infusion that provides the endurance to
overcome the inevitable trials and tribulations that go along with any goal. Realistic goals,
goals restricted to the average ambition level, are uninspiring and will only fuel you through
the first or second problem, at which point you throw in the towel.
Tim Ferriss

Caution is the downfall to ambition.
American proverb

I had no ambition when I was a kid other than to play guitar and get in a rock 'n' roll band. I
don't really like to be the guy in the white suit at the front. Like in the Beatles, I was the one
who kept quiet at the back and let the other egos be at the front.
George Harrison

Attach yourself to what is spiritually superior, regardless of what other people think or do.
Hold to your true aspirations no matter what is going on around you.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
Salvador Dali

I used to think as I looked out on the Hollywood night - there must be thousands of girls
sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I'm not going to worry about
them. I'm dreaming the hardest.
Marilyn Monroe

Get going. Move forward. Aim high. Plan a takeoff. Don't just sit on the runway and hope
someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won't happen. Change your attitude
and gain some altitude. Believe me, you'll love it up here.
Donald Trump

The biggest changes in a women's nature are brought by love; in man, by ambition.
Rabindranath Tagore

Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one
that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men by rendering
myself worthy of their esteem.
Abraham Lincoln

It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what everyone else says in a whole book - what
everyone else does not say in a whole book.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I think my greatest ambition in life is to pass on to others what I know.
Frank Sinatra

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