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Agreement quotes page 2

Two people can see the same thing, disagree, and yet both be right. It's not logical; it's
Stephen R. Covey

I've known Jane Fonda since she was a little girl. I've never agreed with a word she's said,
but would give my life defending her right to say it.
John Wayne

What is allowed us is disagreeable, what is denied us causes us intense desire.

If brothers disagree, the bystander takes advantage.
Chinese proverb

Become emotionally mature and permit other people to differ from you. They have a perfect
right to disagree with you, and you have the same freedom to disagree with them. You can
disagree without being disagreeable.
Joseph Murphy

Those people who agree with me in believing in lying in bed as one of the greatest pleasures
of life are the honest men.
Lin Yutang

Agree, for the law is costly.
English proverb

Choose always the way that seems the best, however rough it may be; custom will soon
render it easy and agreeable.

People often ask me where I stand politically. It's not that I disagree with Bush's economic
policy or his foreign policy, it's that I believe he was a child of Satan sent here to destroy the
planet Earth.
Bill Hicks

An ill agreement is better than a good judgement.
English proverb

You are neither right nor wrong because the crowd disagrees with you. You are right because
your data and reasoning are right.
Benjamin Graham

Defeat is never a bitter brew until one agrees to swallow it.
Chinese proverb

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.
Napoleon Bonaparte

If you want people to think you are wise, just agree with them.
Leo Rosten

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